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Kissel Grana
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Kissel Grana

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Brand:Omega Специи
Country of manufacture:Uzbekistan
Many reflected: and whether there is advantage of kissel for organism? It has become clear that its viscous structure highly affects condition of stomach. The drunk kissel envelops the inflamed stomach walls at those who have ulcer or more often found gastritis. Modern shops just dazzle with instant various drinks - various kissels, fruit drinks, yogurts. There is everything that it is possible to wish, however the products made in house conditions are of the greatest nutrition value.
Kissel is highly appreciated for what interferes with development of illness of century - dysbacteriosis. Its use is extremely important for the people suffering from excessive acidity of gastric juice. Curative qualities of this product directly depend on its basis. It is possible to prepare tasty kissel from fresh berries, syrup, milk; that which is prepared on the basis of Herculean grain is especially useful.
Brand:Omega Специи
Country of manufacture:Uzbekistan
Weight: 100 g
Information is up-to-date: 04.09.2023

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